The monthly periodical “Jay Shukleshwar” is becoming the most powerful binding force amidst our society, wham and the Mandal, it has gained the popular voice of the public opinion.

It started in the year 1974, the zeal of the founder editor Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambelal Desai of Sadadvel village laid a sturdy foundation. The zeal, vision & perseverance of the next editor Late Shri Jyotindra D. Desai & his team helped popularizing the magazine.

At present Dr. Ishwarchandra M. Desai has changed the face of the magazine making it readable innovating interesting & informative with the help of co-editor Prof. Jasubhai Naik. The membership is fast reaching 9000.00 mark (Life members).

It is Bounden duty of every Anavil family by to subscribe for Jay-Sukleshwar – The life membership costs Rs. 2000/- in land & 20000.00 abroad. By getting more membership Jay-Sukleshwar will not only flourish, it will also open the door to new vision for the Anavilism. Such co-operation demands extra sensory perception and the sensible attention.

Contribution in the name “Jay Shukleshwar Prakashan” may kindly be sent to Anaval office.